Tattoos to cover c section scars pics. C-section tattoos: mums reveal caesarean scar body art - MadeForMums

Tattoos to cover c section scars pics. C-Section Scar Tattoos

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20 Best C section tattoo images in | Tattoos on stomach, Tummy tuck scars, Awesome tattoos

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In the movies, birth is typically depicted in a dramatic delivery room scene where a woman labors for hours before pushing out a baby. In real life, a little over a third of births in the US happen via Cesarean, or c-section, according to the latest available stats from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC. Sometimes that gets lost due to the stigma attached to c-sections. For others, they feel shamed by others for having undergone a c-section. In a movement to put an end to c-section stigma, moms are taking to social media to showcase their labor and delivery scars. For this mom, multiple scars were signs of multiple victories.