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Next winter olympics 2020. Here's Your Guide to Every City Hosting the Olympics Through 2028

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The Next Olympics Location: Every Host City Through | Time

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With its previous hosting of the Summer Olympics , Beijing will be the first city to have hosted both the Summer and Winter Olympics: there are plans to utilize many of the same venues that were used for the Games , including its indoor venues, and Beijing National Stadium as ceremonies venue. The bidding calendar was announced by the IOC in October , with the application deadline set for 14 November Several cities withdrew their applications during the bidding process, citing the high costs or the lack of local support for hosting the Games. Public reception to the application for funding had been highly negative due to cost concerns after the cost overruns of the Winter Olympics in Sochi , and especially revelations about a series of hospitality-related demands that had been reportedly made by the IOC. The demands notably included "diva-like demands for luxury treatment" for the IOC members themselves, such as special lanes on all roads only to be used by IOC members and a cocktail reception at the Royal Palace with drinks paid for by the royal family.