Negative economic impacts of london olympics 2012. 6 Ways in Which London has Failed to be 'The Green Olympics'

Negative economic impacts of london olympics 2012. The Economic Impact of the 2012 Olympic Games

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Olympics: why the British economy isn't a winner | Sport | The Guardian

The Olympic and Paralympic Games is the biggest thing to happen in Britain in 50 years. The Games is an opportunity to develop sport, increase tourism and increase economic activity throughout the UK. The Olympic and Paralympic Games are a modern day international sporting event; it is held traditionally every 4 years in different host cities with the summer and winter Games alternating every two years. A new rule was introduced in where host cities were informed that if they were to bid for the Olympic Games they would have to also host the Paralympics Games. London will have the privilege of becoming the first city to host the Modern Olympic Games three times. Mega sporting events introduce many arguments that highlight the detrimental effects that they can incur. Some will argue that the country cannot afford such an event, others would argue that the benefits of London hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games will significantly out way the drawbacks.