Exposed breast christmas sweater. Reindeer Boobs Are The New Ugly Christmas Sweater & It's A Bold Look

Exposed breast christmas sweater. Reindeer Boobs Are The New Ugly Christmas Sweater & It's A Bold Look

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The Very Strange Trend of Decorative Christmas Boobs (and Butts) | MEL Magazine

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Some woman feature a perfect breast-sized hole snipped out of the sweater, leaving the breast exposed to look like a curious deer poking its head out. Photo via YourSassyGrandma. Retailer YourSassyGrandma sells several pre-made versions online. Actually, there are some men sharing their own style with the nipple exposed as the nose of reindeer. Tackiest trends of wearing ugly Christmas sweater by exposing 'reindeer' breasts What an eye-popping Christmas trends!