Buddhist quotes on death of a loved one. Death And Sympathy Quotes | The 20 Life

Buddhist quotes on death of a loved one. 48 Calming Buddha Quotes

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50 Life Changing Buddha Quotes on Love, Life, Death and Peace | Brilliant Read

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Buddhists sayings about death make it clear they believe death is part of the process of life, which occurs in a cyclical pattern of death and rebirth until a person reaches Nirvana. Meditation on the purpose of death is encouraged as a means to prepare for one's final moments with a calm and peaceful mind and reach Nirvana to end the cycle of rebirth. Buddhists acknowledge the certainty of death as something that will happen to all living things. For those practicing Buddhism, death is not something to be feared. These quotes and sayings capture this ideal view of death as a part of life you can conquer with a peaceful mind.