What countries have been banned from the olympics. Russia banned from Winter Olympics over state-sponsored doping | Sport | The Guardian

What countries have been banned from the olympics. Russia banned from Winter Olympics over state-sponsored doping

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Here’s a brief history of every country that’s been banned from the Olympic games

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The banning of the Russian athletics team from the Rio Olympics is not the first time that a team or country has been banned from participating at the Olympic Games. Here is a timeline of countries that have been banned. This ban lasted until Indonesia and North Korea withdrew in protest of this decision. Rhodesia now known as Zimbabwe was banned from participating, as other African countries threatened to pull out if Rhodesia took part. The Kuwaiti Olympic Committee had been suspended since October due to interference from the government they were also suspended in , but the suspension was lifted before the start of the Olympic Games. Subsequently a total of nine Kuwaiti athletes competed under the Olympic flag.